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System for advanced monitoring of the means of transport and freight mobility in multimodal transport - Multimodal Network System

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Background & Policy context

MNS system has been developed in the framework of the AMTRANS National Research and Development Programme, 'National transport system alignment to the European system' sub-programme.

MNS system is an advanced, integrated, interactive and intelligent system for the computerised management of the containerised freight management in multimodal transport.

  • The development of the freight transport systems in order to increase the freight multimodal transport efficiency and security, to ensure the transport mode interoperability in order to integrate all the actions that contribute to the advanced monitoring of the freight mobility and to increase the performance / cost rate by 'intelligence' which is added to system components;
  • The monitoring of the physical and information flows on the segments of the multimodal transport chain in order to increase the responsibility and transport security by a real time supervising of the freight mobility;
  • The integration of modern information technology, mobile, and satellite communication into an integrated and distributed system with a high level of innovation for an advanced container monitoring in the freight multimodal transport;
  • The implementation of solutions for container examination in the big ports and terminals, all based on the scanning technology and the communication of the obtained information to the local network server where the database is located;
  • The development of mobile electronic equipment to survey the containers move, add 'intelligence' to the container and communicate information, in real time or at requirement.

The methodology used allows to assist the information flows specific to the approached sector through an information system that uses information, communication and electronics technologies.

MNS system uses Microsoft technology for Internet application development (.Net, SQL Server, MapPoint 2002, XML, UML), positioning technology (GPS - Global Positioning System), communication technology (GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication), vectoral map management technologies (GIS - Geographical Information Systems), applications with relational databases that are MNS components for planning, analyses support for decisions and evaluation.


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SC IPA SA Bucharest, Programme Manager: Mr A. Botu
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