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System of entire costs of Maintenance Management System of the Roads (whole life costing system) (VSS1999/129)

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Background & Policy context

The construction works of the road network have a lifespan of about 30 to 50 years on average. Depending on the strain should annually about 2-3% of their new value  be used for their preservation, so that their substance does not suffer any losses. These funds are not usually to the administrations fully available, so there are more and more value losses. This has, inter alia, negative impact on the efficiency of the systems, but also for road safety of the road network.

The concept of management of road maintenance (MSE), under which the financial resources available are to use as effective as possible, may help to reduce substantially the loss in value of investments  (in many cases even minimized).


The objective of the project is to set the basis for economic comparison of alternative solution by planning the optimal strategies or measures.

Further objective is to determine a systematic to group the whole life cost of RMMS components, such as Pavement, Bridge and Equipment t Management Systems.


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The total costs consist of property and roads users costs and of third parties costs. These cost components have certain dependencies on each other. Taking into account the road user costs and costs of third parties is not an issue of the road administrations in Switzerland. Abroad (USA, Canada, UK) the differences have been isolated by road administrations considered (increasing tendency). The total cost lead to the identification of economically optimal measures. However, they must be supplemented with a multi- criterial assessment, to give the absolute optimum measures.

The MSE enables both holistic, as well as a particulate consideration and assessment of the properties and activities.
The measures shall be technically and functionally optimized but also economical and efficient. This requires a transparent and accurate cost structured system which involves the necessary parameters for the preliminary and final costs of decision.

As part of the long-term planning in the MSE operating and macroeconomic comparative tests are carried out between the alternative measures and alternative strategies. In addition, this system of costs can also be used as an effective tool of cost management for targeted control and management of the measures.

Other results

This research has produced an important basis for decisions on the conservation management. In particular, the final report will present a real picture of the cost situation in the MSE in Switzerland, which was made possible by the inclusion of the cantons AG, GR, SG, VD and ZH. Generally, it is noted that this research meets the expectations placed, has indeed exceeded.


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