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System for monitoring and analysing of new and current technologies in the field of pavement maintenance and repair, technical-economical view

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The project aimed at creation of the system - the web portal of maintenance and repairs of roads. The portal includes: - Catalogue of technology maintenance and repairs of roads with asphalt concrete and cement concrete cover. - Examples of applying of the technology solutions. - Long-term monitoring of selected sections. - Guidelines for use of the system.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


  • - Long-term monitoring of selected sections, creation of degradation model - for each of selected technologies, suitable sections have been identified where has been performed their long-term monitoring and evaluation of selected parameters. From these parameters a degradation model for a given technology has been created.
  • - Sample examples of solutions to the use of various technologies - catalogue of solution examples for each technology of maintenance and repairs. Implemented projects, which are still monitored and their impacts are specified. The Catalogue of examples was published in the second year of the project in the form of research report. From the third year of the project (until now) is a part of the web portal and is continuously updated.
  • The web portal "System monitoring and analysis of new and established technologies in maintenance and repair of pavements" - allows to obtain data and information, according to specified criteria to select appropriate technology of maintenance and repairs and carry out their comparison, obtain information about potential contractor of these technologies and to identify usual price.
  • The catalogue of technologies for maintenance and repair of asphalt concrete pavements and cement concrete pavements - the catalogue of technologies used for maintenance and repairs of asphalt concrete and cement concrete pavements. Catalogue was published as a research report in the first year of the project. From the third year of the project (until now) is a part of the web portal.
  • The catalogue of technology maintenance and repairs of roads with asphalt concrete and cement concrete cover contains also newer technologies, by that time unused in the Czech Republic.


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