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Taxi guidance system - development of the corresponding communication system (sub project D)

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Background & Policy context

This sub-project is part of the integrated R&D activity SIE-A-SMSMGCS. It aims at developing communication structures for ground movement control of airplanes in large airports. 

To implement the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) much information gathered on the runway has to be transmitted via the existing infrastructure. The airfield lightings may be used for this purpose. Concerning the critical requirements of aviation in terms of reaction time and safety and security of communication, a new communication concept with the respective protocols has to be developed.


The goal of the project was to increase the safety and security of taxiway traffic. Via taxiway traffic management, punctuality and profitability of the airport as well as capacities are increased. Simultaneously, the safety and security of the airport is increased because the taxiway traffic is constantly monitored and the air traffic controllers are disburdened.


SIE-A-SMGCS sub-project D was organised along the following tasks:

  • WP 1000: specification of requirements and conceptualization
  • WP 2000: development of communication system “powerline”
  • WP 3000: development of powerline chip
  • WP 4000: development of hardware (master controller, remotes)
  • WP 5000: development of sensors and electronic evaluator
  • WP 6000: integration into AFL (sensors, communication)
  • WP 7000: development of ALCS core software
  • WP 8000: development of planning component
  • WP 9000: development of HMI
  • WP 10000: pilot test


Other Programme
Aeronautics Research 3
Funding Source
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


During the course of this project, the complete protocol development, simulation, ASIC developments and device developments were finished completely and tested successfully in a laboratory of Siemens. The communication system is now ready to be implemented and tested operatively. Beyond the original objective, a simulator was developed, which can be used for software verifications and in the future for plans and drafts of different systems. This project led to the redevelopment of enabling technologies. Fields of application for this technology can be found in other areas like for instance intelligent distribution networks or smart grids.

Findings of the study are published in detail by a final report (German only) which is available online via


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