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Test region Austria-North for automated driving with a focus on digitization and logistics aspects


Test region Austria-North for automated driving with a focus on digitization and logistics aspects
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DigiTrans aims to set up and operate a test region for automated and connected driving with a focus on the transport of goods in the central area of Upper Austria (triangle Wels - Linz - Steyr). Requirements from different industrial areas and infrastructure operators are being addressed to implement them jointly in a sustainable operating model in a need-oriented and effective manner. On the basis of company-oriented applications, DigiTrans guarantees the implementation of the following services:

  1. Provision of test tracks for freight mobility service providers, which are open for all vehicle manufacturers and service companies that have committed themselves to novel forms of goods mobility with assisted and autonomous vehicles. By using these test tracks, their systems can be properly adjusted and integrated with automated solutions.
  2. Provision and maintenance of a test infrastructure to provide the framework conditions for the validation of innovative developments in the area of automated and networked goods mobility.
  3. Availability of innovation areas for testing freight transport and logistics solutions: operational logistics users, dispatch departments as well as municipal operators are able to use the test region to jointly manage the transport and service tasks in a new quality and to gain advantage over other regions.
  4. Platform for Data & Development Support - new, digital business models for logistics service providers, for example, for the booking of transport services or intelligent freight and loading systems.

DigiTrans thus offers a test environment that enhances transportation and traffic safety through sustainability. It enables the systematic and cost-efficient testing of solutions for the mobility of goods and thereby accelerates industrial implementation. Furthermore, it integrates technology acceptance measurement and optimization to guarantee wide adoption by the various user groups involved in transportation logistics ecosystem.

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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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