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Thru traffic resistance: tremises and accompanying measures (SVI2004/057)

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Background & Policy context

Motorists' choice of route is influenced by travel time, driving comfort and routine behaviour. To achieve the intended effect of bypass projects, accompanying measures are required on the routes to be relieved: it has to be more attractive to use the new route. The according control gear is thru traffic restriction. In the research project the effect of different measures which influence thru traffic restrictions has to be analysed and quantified basics (fundamentals) are to be developed for use in practice.


Bypass roads are only usefull in the area to be relieved if its use holds advantages (e.g. profit in the journey time). To achieve this, generally accompanying measures on the existing route are needed, which influence the thru traffic restrictions.
The aim of the research project is to systematically evaluate and develop measures and combinations of measures for the planning and the evaluation of effectiveness of thru traffic restrictions in practice.


The project will be developed in the following phases:

Phase I - Basic, project and literature review, interviews
Phase II - Surveys of case studies
Phase III - Review Workshop I with international experts, complement research of case studies,
Phase IV - Draft report, criticism Workshop II


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The research provides a systematic application-oriented compilation of possible measures and combinations of measures to underpin the formulation of operational and design concepts with information on applications, efficiencies, and cost consequences.
The results are processed in the form of practical basics. They thus provide concrete planning and project planning aids for practice.


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