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Thrust Reverser Unit flow visualization


Thrust Reverser Unit flow visualization

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Thrust Reverser Unit flow visualization – TRUflow will develop novel measurement techniques for the visualization and evaluation of reverse flow interactions with fan aerodynamics in short slim engine nacelle designs applicable to the next generation of ultra-high bypass ratio (UHBR) aero engines. UHBR engine architectures offer increased propulsive efficiency through operation at reduced specific thrust, enabled by increased engine diameter. This poses challenges, both in terms of the aerodynamics of the isolated nacelle, and the potential for interference effects between the different engine components such as the Thrust Reverser Unit (TRU).

TRUflow will initially investigate several visualization techniques using a static demonstrator as a workbench for these measurement techniques. Following this investigation, a Wind Tunnel Test (WTT) will be carried out aiming to prove the efficacy of these techniques. In parallel, TRUflow will develop and verify a numerical methodology for the evaluation of TRU cascades. The numerical and experimental data will be fused together to generate a reduced order model of the TRU unit suitable for design.

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European Commission
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JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-54 Development of Measurement Techniques for Visualisation and Evaluation of Reverse Flow Interactions with Fan
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Aircraft Research Association Limited

Manton Lane
MK41 7PF
United Kingdom
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Manchester Metropolitan University

All Saints Building, Oxford Road
M15 6BH
United Kingdom
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Ruag Aerospace

Seetalstrasse 175
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