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Tools for Analysis and Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Road Surface Noise

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Network corridors
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STRIA Roadmaps
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Passenger transport,
Freight transport



The project aims to develop innovative environment protection tools in the field of road noise impact on the environment. Road traffic contributes more than 95 % to general noise from transport. Therefore, the environmental protection, human health protection and long-term transport sustainability, with the aim to minimise costs for their functioning represent a great potential for further development. This all stresses the fact that the EU discusses the introduction of the issue of road surface noise into the road management system. Thanks to suitable tools for long-term assessment of road surface noise, it will be possible to contribute to the transition of the society to the long-term transport sustainable development, while preventing deterioration of the environment by noise emissions. This should lead to the aim of the research performed in the field of “Sustainable Development of Landscape and Urban Areas” and “Environmentally Friendly Society”.
Regarding the different degree of noise development of individual road surfaces by the effect of external factors (not only surfaces with reduced noise level), an issue arises of long-term noise monitoring of all road surface types and of the extent of noise reduction and duration of noise effects. In the Czech Republic, there are currently no relevant long-term data on acoustic behaviour of road surfaces. However, acoustic data are demanded and required by the ministries and road administrators as well as by healthcare organisations, public ombudsman, etc., for the purpose of decision making process. Unfortunately, these data are unavailable from practice, therefore, it is impossible to provide relevant data which are used for other crucial decision making processes in the Czech Republic. The project aims to remove this identified discrepancy and obtain data which allow the corresponding bodies to make decisions on the basis of “hard data”, not on the basis of unclear estimates. This should lead to fulfil the European Directive 2002/49/EC.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


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