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Track system for flexible train operation – analyses of different operation principles and the interaction with rail infrastructure

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Background & Policy context

In the project 'Efficient train-system', the KTH Railway Group has made analysis of future operation-principles with new vehicle concepts.


The idea is instead of having a small number of long trains, to have many short trains where some trains go direct and others stop at more stations. New prerequisites for traffic and tracks will also be introduced in freight traffic by linear combi, long freight trains, high speed freight trains and dual-engines.


This concludes that the market and the traffic will create new and variable demand for infrastructure and that it will be desirable to have a stable infrastructure which makes flexible traffic-systems possible.


The aim of this project is to analyse with a simulation model different traffic principles and the construction of the infrastructure to get as much flexibility as possible, and as little unreliability as possible.


The method is to use a simulation tool to evaluate different patterns of traffic principles (frequencies, speed, stopping pattern) and different rolling stock (old vehicles, new vehicles and future vehicles) and to make systematic analyses of the result. Conclusions can be made regarding how stable the infrastructure is to handle different kinds of traffic and future demand, and what investment in infrastructure is suitable for future demand.


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