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Traffic Management and Passenger Information System


Traffic Management and Passenger Information System
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Traffic Management és utastájékoztató rendszer


The project objective is to develop and supervise the Public Transportation Real-time information system. When creating the new system, it will replace the current outdated one. The real-time data will be handling passenger information and traffic management systems in the public transport in the Hungarian capital city in the full extent. As a result, the system will ensure better  the smooth vehicle tracking,  scheduling and dispatching in case that  an incident occurs and will be able to intervene more quickly and efficiently.


The main elements of the project:

  1. Modernization of traffic management: real-time satellite-based information about  the status and thus improving response capacity of the vehicles BKK. 
  2. Dynamic passenger information: The indicators will be placed at stops and in vehicles to obtain real-time passenger information. 
  3. Traffic planning: more and more accurate data will be available about the state of the vehicle, making  planning  not only for passengers but also for road transport operator more accurate, more reliable and cost-efficient.
  4. Preference: 30 spot traffic lights priority to public transport vehicles, which shortens the travel time.
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Új Széchenyi Tervből
Key Results: 

At the end of the FUTÁR project dispatchers  keep tracks of vehicles with satellite tracking so they can then control the vehicle traffic continuously, or it will even be possible to arrange  a tram or metro replacement  much easier and faster.

In addition, using the great amount of information, the system is able to calculate which vehicle reach a specific stop in which time, so this information is then added to displays of  mobile phones, Internet, or on 257 boards located in the capital city.

To ensure reliable communication between dispatchers and drivers the new, state of the art radio system is being built.



Budapesti Közlekedési Központ (BKK)
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