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Traffic safety regarding left lanes on icy roads

Traffic safety regarding left lanes on icy roads
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Hálkuvarnir - Umferðaröryggi á vinstri akreinum í hálku

Background & policy context: 

In general, due to the large difference in traffic on the left and right lane on dual roads, it is more difficult to prevent slippery conditions on the left lane in winter time. Traffic has an eroding effect on the impact of skid protection and therefore greater us of material (like salt) for skid resistance may be required in the left lane beyond the right to offset the eroding aspects. The project will specify and compare in which lane winter accidents (due to slippery and icy conditions) have occurred.


The project will look at accidents that occurred on Reykjanesbraut, and examine the frequency of accidents in the left or right lane. The project aims to examine whether there are significant differences in the risk of accidents left and right lanes in slippery and icy conditions.

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The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration
Key Results: 

There were indications that the right hand lane was safer on icy roads, but there was not enough data to draw certain conclusions.

Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA)
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