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Training Programme for Urban Transport Measures and Policies

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Background & Policy context

The TRUMP project stemmed from the urban transport priorities of the European Commission. Through this project, the European Commission aimed to deliver a comprehensive programme of European training seminars for mid-career transport managers and executives working for public transport authorities or operators.


TRUMP had 3 basic objectives:

  1. To provide targeted professional training based on the results of EU policy projects research and demonstration programmes within the area of local transport policy related to sustainable urban development;
  2. To improve practical knowledge and competence of mid-career professionals involved in transport systems at local /regional level;
  3. To create specific knowledge and awareness for persons potentially undertaking key roles in the European transport and mobility sector.

To meet these basic objectives, the TRUMP project developed 12 educational modules, addressing key knowledge and know-how gaps of local transport professionals. At the same time, it developed a training programme and training methodology for effectively planning and implementing a transport-oriented educational programme.

Moreover, TRUMP aimed to promote the training programme throughout a network of training institutes.


The TRUMP project was carried out according to the following steps:

Step 1: Inception phase

After establishing links with relevant networks/programmes, this Phase defined the training methodology in terms of general training approach, format and timing of workshops, combination of themes/topics, specific training tools and instruments.

Step 2: User-needs assessment and participant selection

A survey enquiring on priority issues/topics to be addressed by the training programme was canvassed and sent to relevant target groups. The results of the questionnaire allowed for a precise assessment of user-needs -- assessment that was updated by an ex-post survey amongst the participants.

The TRUMP project also created a "Candidate Selection Form" and database, in order to select relevant participants.

Step 3: Training programme and organisation of seminars

This task was devoted to the preparation of the actual seminars and the evaluation of trainees. The training cycle lasted 3 years and was followed up by a CD-ROM with training proceedings and a "Trainers Guide".

Step 4: Dissemination phase

This was an important step, as the project web site was designed as an "e-campus" facility, to be updated with seminar material, and to inform future trainees of the application process.


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The TRUMP project successfully developed adult vocational training in the field of urban transport.

In this respect, TRUMP tested and refined the use of innovative and interactive training techniques as part of the educational process, through the involvement of over 20 specialist trainers and adult-education experts. These techniques were implemented and tested in a series of 12 training seminars to 160 mid-career professionals coming from a range of city contexts in all countries of Europe.

Moreover, a set of training materials was made widely available, encouraging awareness on urban-transport topics.

Technical Implications


Policy implications

The TRUMP project:

  • contributed to providing the European Commission with an update overview on general "needs" and perceptions of professionals from the mobility and transport sectors; and 
  • provided a wide visibility to EU research projects in the field of local transport and contributed to the general dissemination and awareness-rising activities of the European union on urban sustainability and mobility issues.


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