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TRansport ACCessibility at regional/local scale and patterns in Europe

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Background & Policy context

Dynamic territorial development depends on an optimal combination of access to services and resources. Good accessibility and connectivity is one of the most crucial factors in deciding on a location for economic activities. This leads to the fact that fast, relatively cheap, reliable but also sustainable freight and passenger transport, has become one of the essential prerequisites for the competitiveness of regions and regional economic development. This is why transport infrastructure developments and transport networks connecting Europe and its particular regions play such an important role in formulating the European policies as the Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion. 


This project shall strive for a comprehensive and integrated research approach, taking into account social, cultural, environmental, and economic aspects. Its aim is to deliver innovative results which can support the policy development in the field of transport and accessibility improvement, territorial development, competitiveness and cohesion. It shall support policy makers in finding trade-offs between promoting accessibility for passenger and freight transport and competitiveness, sustainability, saving energy and territorial development.


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Final Report - Executive Summary and Main Report PDF

Final Report - Scientific Report PDF

Final Report - Case Studies - Introduction PDF

Final Report - Case Studies – Part A West Mediterranean PDF

Final Report - Case Studies - Part B Northern Italy PDF

Final Report - Case Studies - Part C Bavaria PDF

Final Report - Case Studies - Part D Czech Republic PDF

Final Report - Case Studies - Part E Poland PDF

Final Report - Case Studies - Part F Baltic States PDF

Final Report - Case Studies - Part G Finland PDF

Final Report - Indicator Factsheets PDF

Draft Final Report ZIP Interim Report PDF

Inception Report PDF

Project Specification PDF


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