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Transport and Logistics in Croatia

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This research intends to show what the current position of Croatia is in terms of transport and logistics. 


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Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure


Croatia became independent in 1991, and since that time all its efforts have been focused in reconstructing the country. The transport sector counts for 8% of the total GDP of Croatia. There are three main branches: ground, water and air transport. They differ from each other in many aspects). Ground transportation has also two branches: road transport (cars, buses and public transportation) and railroad transport. The road transport is highly developed and almost all the roads meet the European Union Standards and safety measures.

The roads are safe and reach all the parts of Croatia. Railroad sector is poorly developed and there are still huge infrastructure lacks. A lot of work can be done in this sector in order to reach better standards. Water transport is one of the most important activities in the country and one of the crucial activities in the general economy. Water transport includes sea ports, transport in river and pipelines. Croatia has 3 big main ports that are very important for foreign investment: Rijeka, Split and Ploče.

Air transport is not much used, but good enough to meet the requirements of the country. Most visitors come with their own car of by railroad or bus. Air cargo only represents an insignificant part of all other entering goods. The national air company is Croatia Airlines (, and it has all the market in Croatia. There are some low cost airlines flying to and from Croatia, but mostly on a seasonal base. In the field of logistics, Croatia has no development; this is a new business for the country. Educational framework is not defined and there is no training in this field.


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