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Transport infrastructure in the Jutland Corridor

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Background & Policy context

Denmark and Germany have a common border that divides Jutland and Schleswig-Holstein in an east-west direction. The countries are connected by a network of roads and railway lines running in a north-south direction through the so-called Jutland Corridor.

The Jutland Corridor is highlighted by the European Union as one of the most important transport corridors in the EU. It is a part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Core Network Corridor, which runs across Europe from the Finnish/Russian border in the north, across Scandinavia to the European mainland connecting Europe with the rest of the world through the large seaports. It continues through Germany and southward to Italy and Malta.


The objective of the project is to summarize the infrastructure project in the border area between the Denmark and Germany.


The infrastructure projects are divided according to the corridors and to the transport mode.


Funding Source
The Danish Ministry of Transport and Building


The key result is the recommendations of the Danish-German Transport Commission.

The Danish-German Transport Commission acknowledges that not all of the proposed projects can be achieved within a short period of time. The recommendations are therefore categorised in to short-medium term and long term achievements. The categorisation does not mean that the shortmedium term projects are more important than the long term projects. It is simply a recognition from the Commission that some of the projects can only be achieved in the long term. The Commission recommends that all of the projects are considered equally important.


Lead Organisation
EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


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