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Transport planning focused on reduction of greenhouse gases emissions

Transport planning focused on reduction of greenhouse gases emissions
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Plánovanie prepravy s cieľom znížovania emisií skleníkových plynov


Nowadays the huge emphasis is given on a reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, while the transport is one of the areas, which contributes significantly to the production of emissions. It is important to use integrated approaches to minimise CO2 emissions in the transport. The main aim of project is to suggest innovative intergradations ideas, which will contribute to more efficient transport based on optimisation models and on alternative artificial intelligence approaches. One approach is to analyse various types of vehicles used for transport. For example, vehicles with different maximal capacity values of applied load, with different values of fuel consumption and CO2 production. Model named EVRP-VC is focused on minimisation of fuel consumption. This starting model will serve as the base for construction of other models. Another direction of our research is to analyse location of distribution centres whose position have also a significant influence on production of CO2 emissions.

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Scientific Grant Agency
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Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave, Fakulta hospodárskej informatiky
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