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Truck Security - Fuel and cargo theft detection alarm system


Truck Security - Fuel and cargo theft detection alarm system

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The Project objective is to develop and execute a market replication of IDTEQ’s alarm system for road transport vehicles. IDTEQ provides a leading technology for secure and reliable alarm detection in remote and noisy environments. The IDTEQ incident detection technology samples and analyses sound. Sensors and proprietary signal processing algorithms detect specific incidents and to discard false incidents.


Fuel and Cargo theft is a significant problem and a continuous threat to European road transport companies, but it is a criminal activity that is often given low priority.


A prioritised task for the road transport associations is to fight criminal activities in the sector, so the association wanted to find technologies to better protect the trucks. Conventional car alarm systems are not made to handle the specific treats of fuel theft or cargo theft, their market focus is on cabin protection and vehicle tracking. The market development projects have verified strong value propositions for IDTEQs’ technology. IDTEQ has identified several strategic opportunities which will be developed in order to build a leading product offering for fuel and cargo theft alarm systems on road transport vehicles in Europe.

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