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TSO 2020: Electric “Transmission and Storage Options” along TEN-E and TEN-T corridors for 2020

European Union
Project Acronym
TSO 2020
STRIA Roadmaps
Transport electrification (ELT)
Low-emission alternative energy for transport (ALT)


Background & Policy context

The Action contributes to the implementation of the TEN-E Project of Common Interest (PCI) 1.5 Interconnection between Endrup (DK) and Eemshaven (NL) (known as COBRA cable) and of the TEN-T core networks on the North Sea-Baltic and Rhine-Alpine corridors.

The scope of the Action entails: electricity grid stability studies; the commissioning and testing of a power-to-hydrogen pilot and of a hydrogen storage and transport pilot; a Cost-Benefit Analysis of the power-to-hydrogen solution; an analysis to scale-up to mass application; communication and visibility activities; and the management of the Action.

Upon completion of the Action, the deployment of grid management solutions to facilitate the implementation of the COBRA cable is planned, together with establishing a hydrogen production and distribution network in Groningen and neighbouring regions connected to the TEN-T network.


The main objective of the Action is, first, to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of power to hydrogen solutions in the context of the Groningen region (NL), and second, to assess the replicability of the solutions to other regions. These solutions are to simultaneously balance the intermittent power input from the COBRA cable and to develop the use of hydrogen for transport applications along the TEN-T corridors.


Parent Programmes
Type of funding
Public (EU)
Funding Source
CEF Transport, CEF Energy


Lead Organisation
EU Contribution
Partner Organisations
EU Contribution


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