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Tubes of concrete alkalis

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The aim of the project is to develop high-grade chemical resistant concrete reinforced with synthetic fibres, the strength parameters are comparable with reinforced concrete, and chemical resistance will work in very aggressive environments (up to pH = 1). With the designed concrete pipes these are made for use in a sanitary sewage system, requiring no additional corrosion protection.


The Task 1 was developed "Test procedure for comparative evaluation of concrete resistance to the aggressive environments."

As part of Task 2 there were designed 27 concrete mixture compositions intended for use in sewage pipes.

In the Task 3 the concretes designed in the Task 2 were subjected to the following tests:

  • • compressive strength according to EN 12390-3
  • • flexural strength according to EN 12390-5
  • • contraction of PN-84 / B-06714 twenty-thirds
  • • resistant to frost F200 PN-88 / B-06250
  • • absorption according to PN-88 / B-06250
  • • penetration depth of the PN-EN 12390-8
  • • permeability of water through the concrete according to PN-88 / B-06250,
  • • abrasion resistance according to EN 14157 (on the face of Boehme)
  • • resistance to aggressive environments by test method developed as part of Task 1.

Based on the research results, 4 bonded concrete with good technical parameters were selected, of which prototype sewer pipes will be made.


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Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego


- 27 concrete mixture compositions intended for use in sewage pipes were designed and tested- 4 bonded concrete with good technical parameters were selected to be used for prototype sewer pipes


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