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On Two Wheels From Turulung to Magosliget

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The main aim of the project is the construction of a bicycle track starting from Turulung, Satu-Mare county, Romania and ending in Magosliget, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, Hungary.

Besides the infrastructural investment, the project is part of a bigger tourism-related cross-border development along the Tisza and Tur rivers in, both countries. The present investment consists as well of the rehabilitation of a cabin in Turulung, on the upper end of the river Tur, which will serve as a starting and ending point of the bicycle trace and an information point for tourists on two wheels. On the Hungarian side, the trace will connect to a bigger bicycle path, creating, thus, not only a cross-border transport facility but also a complex touristic road along the Tisza, Somes and Tur rivers in both countries. The path will cross a Natura 2000 site on Romanian side.

The bicycle-path will have a pocket-guide system, available on smart phones, in order to help tourists to find information in the adjacent area. As a result of the project implementation, there will be a 36 km-long bicycle trail constructed between Turulung, Romania and Magosliget, Hungary. This trail will serve as an individual trace but also complementary to a bigger, planned bicycle trace between Satu Mare, Romania and Fehergyarmat, Hungary, of 127 km. The bigger trail is partially done and this segment would connect to it on the Hungarian side.

The trail also assures the road connection between small villages on the border like Turulung, Lazuri, and Micula, Agris on the Romanian side and Kishodos and Magosliget on the Hungarian side.

The direct beneficiaries of the investment consist of the inhabitants of the affected region: Turulung, Agris, Micula and Lazuri communes on the Romanian side and Fehergyarmat micro-region, including the commune of Magosliget on the Hungarian side. There are approx. 15.500 inhabitants affected in the cross-border region. Indirect beneficiaries will be the tourists of the region. Taking into account that the planned bicycle trail crosses the Natura 2000 site on the Romanian side, a number of 8-10.000 tourists come in each year to visit the unique sight.


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2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)


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