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Unmanned aerial vehicle for vigilance, control and critical urban infrastructure protection

European Union
Geo-spatial type
Total project cost
€71 429
EU Contribution
€50 000
Project Acronym
STRIA Roadmaps
Smart mobility and services (SMO)
Transport mode
Airborne icon
Transport policies
Transport sectors
Passenger transport,
Freight transport


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Aerdron is a UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle, also known as a drone) manufacturer. During last 2 years, the company founders have been developing innovative aerial products focused on the protection of critical infrastructures. The latest project ED1 ExtremDron is equipped with a proprietary software operation system that configures sensors, cameras, and communications automatically (plug&play system). It reduces the operators work load and provides greater usability for various monitoring missions. Also, the ED1 has a first of its kind, USB bus controller to recognize, configure, and transmit data. Furthermore, the ED1 incorporates a means to protect the electronics against high magnetic fields, and RF interference and has an exclusive software for automatic navigation.

These security and operational/environmental improvement features would solve the limiting platform payload configurations in operating across the various challenging monitoring environments. The following improvements to enhance surveillance monitoring are: RF/magnetic protection, detect and avoid navigation, encrypted communications, and plug/play payload sensors.

Market targeted envisaged include European areas, some Asia and South America countries and the USA.

At this moment, Aerdron wishes to carry out a small-scale demonstration of the innovative prototype ED1, with the aim of adjusting the physical scale of the UAV, test and adapt new raw materials, perform product design, define the production process and demonstrate and validate its efficacy in small scale actions. But before a rigorous business plan has to be carried out, comprising: study of physical scale needs, deploy and classify possible raw materials requirements, establish production needed forecast and estimate amount of investment in product manufacturing system, carry out study of legal viability, including IPR issues, carry out a market research and complete a business plan scoping 10 years.


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Public institution
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European Commission
Type of funding
Public (EU)


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EU Contribution
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EU Contribution


Technology Theme
Aircraft operations and safety
Drone traffic management system
Development phase
Demonstration/prototyping/Pilot Production

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