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Updating of digital road network (02020)

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Background & Policy context

The section Fundamentals within the Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) has long been a roads dataset for the road network of Switzerland, which serves as a basis for traffic model applications. 
From another application section basics of ARE  it exists a (parallel) network traffic model with other attributes (different capacity, speed). Further more it can be generated from the "Tele Atlas" appropriate  transport model.


The section Fundamentals of ARE will take care of the GVF record further and add further attributes from other data sets. As a direct allocation of the links from the various data sets is not possible, it is a more expensive method, necessary even with manual operations.
The Emch + Berger AG should perform in a reasonable time frame, the assignment of attributes and verify existing accuracy. An intensive monitoring by the section bases is desirable. The aim is to generate from the existing records a complete and easily trackable record, which is model-independent.


ARE maintains various digital networks as a basis for traffic model applications. In the current project network parameters have been merged from two different networks. At the same time the definitive network with trackers and corrections could be supplemented.


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