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Upgrade of the Zidani Most-Celje railway line

Upgrade of the Zidani Most-Celje railway line

Background & policy context: 

The Zidani Most-Celje railway section, which is part of a Global Project to upgrade the Slovenian railway line no. 30 between Zidani Most and the Slovenian/Austrian border, is located on both the Baltic-Adriatic and the Mediterranean Core Network Corridors. The section represents a major bottleneck because of its limited capacity. It is problematic particularly from the viewpoint of throughput capacity, insufficient axle load, poor condition of super- and substructure, low speed and unsecured level crossings. Some stations along the line do not enable the stopping of freight trains of 740 m of length, and have level accesses to platforms, which further hinder the traffic flow.


The scope of the Action entails upgrading the entire Zidani Most–Celje railway section and three railway stations (Rimske Toplice, Laško, Celje) in line with the executive design prepared under Action 2012-SI-06086-S. It will contribute to removing this major bottleneck affecting two core network corridors, and therefore reduce congestion and have a positive effect on modal split and the environment. It will also contribute to the interoperability of the corridors, consequently increasing service quality and safety.

Funding Source(s): 
Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia

Estimated total cost of the action: €158,626,761  
Maximum EU contribution: €90,575,881
Percentage of EU support: 57.1%

Implementing body: Slovenian Infrastructure Agency

Ministry of Infrastructure
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