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Urban logistics and plaNning: AntiCipating urban freigHt generAtion and demand including dIgitalisation of urbaN freight

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€8 434 789
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€6 955 274
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STRIA Roadmaps
Smart mobility and services (SMO)
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Transport policies
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Freight transport,
Passenger transport


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Nowadays, almost everything we need can be ordered online and delivered to our doorsteps. However, last-mile delivery is far from supporting a sustainable society. The EU-funded UNCHAIN project aims to contribute to more sustainable urban logistics and help the transition towards climate-neutral and smart cities. To achieve this, it will boost the cooperation between public authorities and logistics stakeholders by implementing a standardised and reliable data exchange ecosystem and an innovative set of urban logistics services. With the UNCHAIN project, public authorities and transport operators will enjoy mutual benefits via cooperation schemes for sustainable urban freight transport policies and operations.
UNCHAIN will “break the chains”, boosting the cooperation between public authorities and logistics stakeholders. It will create a set of services for optimal and flexible urban logistics operation, management, planning and policymaking, unleashing the potential that technology and digitalisation can bring to the sustainable urban logistics and moving towards climate-neutral and smart cities.

UNCHAIN will implement a standardised and reliable data exchange ecosystem supported by a public-private collaborative framework that will allow the establishment of reliable data sharing agreements, break data silos and make the urban freight data more available and accessible. Driven by the unlocked data, an innovative set of 12 urban logistics services will be implemented to optimise the allocation of urban space, improve the policy-making capacity of local authorities and optimise network management and logistics operation. With UNCHAIN, public authorities will improve their data collection capabilities and have the right tools to achieve sustainability goals. Meanwhile, for operators, having services aligned with their own and society's objectives will unlock mutually beneficial cooperation schemes, a key factor for long-term collaboration and the establishment of sustainable urban freight transport policies and operations.


10 European cities will participate in UNCHAIN activities: Madrid, Berlin and Florence as living labs; Prague, Mechelen, Madeira and Riga as follower cities, and Brest metropole, Ravenna and Alba Iulia as peer- cities supporting the early adoption of the results. Also, the well-balanced representation of the urban logistics industry, with DHL and UPS, will ensure large-scale impact and feasibility of the project results.


Specific funding programme
HORIZON.2.5 - Climate, Energy and Mobility
HORIZON.2.5.7 - Clean, Safe and Accessible Transport and Mobility
HORIZON.2.5.8 - Smart Mobility
Other Programme
HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02-02 - Urban logistics and planning: anticipating urban freight generation and demand including digitalisation of urban freight


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€880 819
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€745 062
EU Contribution
€660 000
EU Contribution
€402 250
EU Contribution
€304 063
EU Contribution
€464 100
EU Contribution
€602 266
EU Contribution
€276 500
EU Contribution
€456 125
EU Contribution
€215 381
EU Contribution
€460 500
EU Contribution
€229 688
EU Contribution
€487 429
EU Contribution
€201 418
EU Contribution
€198 424
EU Contribution
€193 750
EU Contribution
€177 500
EU Contribution


Technology Theme
Sustainable urban mobility plans
Sustainable logistics plans and platforms

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