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Urban road transport - modern solutions for limitation of the adverse effects on the environment and health. Case study for Bucharest Municipality

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Background & Policy context

A balanced economic policy prescribes the neutralisation of the adverse external effects caused by transport related activity, particularly by introducing new types of tools within the processes and, implicitly, by obtaining benefits for the economy and the environment.

The 2003 EU Eurobarometer shows that the environment and the quality of the environment represent the main factor which determines life quality level. In this context, the issues concerning the Transport-Environment-Health relation require an urgent solution.

In Romania, the methods for optimisation of the traffic in urban areas, taking into consideration not only the specific variables, but also the environmental ones, are not enough known and analysed.

This project responds exactly to these needs and, by the methodology achieved, will create an extremely useful tool for traffic planners and local authorities in view of adopting, in real time, solutions which should lead to increasing the efficiency of the transport related activity, while limiting the effects on the environment induced by it.

The initial model will be achieved for the particular case of an area in Bucharest.


The project purpose is to achieve a methodology for optimising the transport flows within the infrastructures existing at urban level, for limiting the congestions and environmental effects caused by road traffic to allowable levels. For achieving this purpose, the following objectives are considered:

  • Dimensioning the adverse effects caused by vehicle traffic in Bucharest and the spatial distribution of the source-poles generating major adverse effects on the environment;
  • Achieving a mathematical model for optimising transport flows in urban areas, depending on the level of pollution;
  • Quantifying the economical-ecological-social effects of implementing actions for optimising urban transport flows in order to comply with the allowed limits for environmental effects induced by this vector.

The following shall be considered:

  • analysis of the road traffic development in Bucharest;
  • assessment of the adverse externalities caused by road traffic in Bucharest;
  • elaboration of a mathematical model for optimising the road traffic in an area of Bucharest, for diminishing its adverse effects on environment and health.


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SC IPA SA Bucharest, Programme Manager: Mr A. Botu
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