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The use of helmets users of motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles in Poland in 2015

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Background & Policy context

The motorcycle and cycle transport is an important transport mode in Poland and obviously the safety of their users is very important.


The research aimed at among other things, to collect data on the use of helmets by motorcyclists, moped riders and cyclists.


Surveys on the use of helmets by users of motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles were carried out in the period from March, 30 to June, 5 in 2015.
The measurements were implemented in 16 provinces, in 86 measuring points, where similar surveys have been conducted in previous years. In order to collect data, the method of external observation was used. In each province measurements were conducted on roads of different categories (national, provincial, district), in built-up areas and outside built-up areas and in provincial cities.


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Krajowa Rada Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego
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Among motorcyclists and moped riders almost each of tested riders wore helmet: 99% of motorcyclists (including 99% of drivers and 97% of motorcycle passengers) and mopeds riders - 98%.

Protective helmets were used by 20% of cyclists.

In the group of studied cyclists there was observed a clear disproportion between young people and the group of elderly people. Almost every fourth cyclist at the age of 17 years (23%) used a helmet, whereas in the group of people over 60 age did so only one in ten (12%).

In terms of gender there was noticed a significant difference in the rate of helmets use. The research showed that the helmets used a double more men (24%) than women (12%).

Policy objectives

The data will serve as a base for implementation of measures increasing the road transport safety in Poland.


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