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The use of seat belts saves lives

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Background & Policy context

One of the research projects of the Croatian Automobile Club showed that more than a half of drivers and passengers in vehicles in  cities, unfortunately, do not use a seat belt, thus violating regulations but also endanger their safety. Not surprisingly, in 2011 more than 40% of dead drivers and passengers in the cars did not use a seat belt.

The drivers, in fact, are often convinces that seat belts are  unnecessary or uncomfortable and are not aware that the chance of fatal casualties in a car accident is ten times greater if not using a seat belt and that the accident at a vehicle speed of just 30 km / h can be deadly if not using a seat belt, because at these speeds are often not activated airbags.


The aim of the project is to inform the public about the necessity to use seat belts in cars.



Croatian Automobile Club and associated auto-clubs from the beginning of 2013, have visiting local communities, institutions and events and have implemented educational and prevention program using a simulator rollover. 


In the simulator rollover drivers and passengers can experience what happens when the car is rolling over. The attendant can raise awareness about  the importance of using seat belts.


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