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Use of signals on yellow backing boards (VSS1998/196)

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The objective of the project is to define the basics for possible changes, the prerequisites from a traffic engineering and economic point of view (criteria) for signals with yellow backing boards.


Following methods were used in the project:

Literature review, general guidelines and requirements, categorization of signal groups, field trials with surveys and measurements, analysis and recommendations, final report.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Based on the results of the studies conducted as well as taking into account the findings from applied traffic psychology preliminary recommendations for the use of deposited yellow signals  can be derived. A distinction is made between general recommendations and recommendations at pedestrian crossings.

General recommendations

1. Before using exemptions exceptional signals and markings are used in the signaling regulation (SSV) provided opportunities are exploited.

2. In principle, the use of stored yellow signals is not recommended. The Yellow Leave signals contradict one hand, the law in force. On the other hand would be carried out with the highlight of a substantial part of traffic signals by the yellow background is a hierarchy within the signals, which is not to support legal and traffic considerations. In addition, considerably weakening by the frequent use of the yellow background is effectiveness.

Pedestrian crossings

1. At pedestrian crossings on EU urban routes, the use of stored yellow signals is not recommended. By the yellow Leave the signal 4:11 "location of a pedestrian crossing" could be detected over the existing signaling either the short or long-term positive impact on travel behavior (stopping standby).

2. The marking of pedestrian crossing in the Extra Urban area is a special case. The Yellow Leave the signal 4:11 "location of a pedestrian crossing" cannot be recommended in addition to local routes. In justified cases, the yellow Leave the signal 1:22 "crossings") are deemed expedient measure. The studies showed this measure, at least in the short term positive impact on the willingness of stopping vehicle steering.

3. Since the law governing the use of yellow backed signals does not provide, must be obtained for the placing of a yellow background in each case an exemption at the competent Swiss Federal Roads Authority (ASTRA).


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