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User perceptions of the summary Blue Badge Guidance

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The research explored users’ views and understanding of a proposed new ‘ten top tips’ document, developed by the Scottish Government’s Blue Badge policy team. The new summary document is aimed at ensuring that Blue Badge users and their carers are aware of the most important terms and conditions that come with taking part in the scheme.


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Overall, most of those who took part reported that the existing guidance on how to use a Blue Badge was comprehensive and easy to understand. While those who took part had reasonably good knowledge and understanding of the existing guidelines, most felt that awareness among the wider population of badge holders and the general population was not good.

There was notable consensus that the main area that caused confusion for badge holders were the rules regarding where they could and could not park on-street. The issue appeared to be largely around when it was/was not acceptable to park on single and double yellow lines.

Some people reported that they had inadvertently broken the rules of scheme membership in the past, but all reported that this had been a genuine mistake. In almost all cases, their contraventions had been due to confusion over where badge holders could park. Examples included parking on double yellow lines and causing loading obstructions or parking inappropriately in permit holder spaces.

Almost all of those who took part reported that they had witnessed first-hand other people abusing the Blue Badge scheme, the most commonly reported experience being use of blue badge parking bays by people without disabilities.


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