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V-charge: Full Automated Parking Valet

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Induct, Muses and the LIVIC (from IFSTTAR) have been working together to create M.I.L, an electric and bimodal (with or without a driver) vehicle, stemmed from a project aiming to evaluate and develop the efficiency of a car-sharing service, through to the optimization of parking space and automated convoy.

Winner of the “Intelligent Vehicle – City of the Future”, the vehicle M.I.L. was conceptualized from findings and studies on emerging markets in urban mobility. Applications include car-sharing, urban logistics, and small-scale public transport including industrial parks, business centers, and recreation centres.

M.I.L. allows the control of a fleet of vehicles with one operator. The vehicles are equipped with “Follow-Me” technology which allows for synchronous movements. A robotic arm developed by Muses connect the vehicles. The automated conveyer technology allows for reduced costs relating to the maintenance of car-sharing stations and optimization of movements in a warehouse. M.I.L. can be utilized for both the transportation of people and merchandise.

M.I.L. is capable of parking itself using SLAM MOT (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, Moving Object Tracking) developed by NAVYA. By making use of an interactive terminal, the driver can leave the vehicle at the parking entrance, similar to a valet service. The vehicle then self-parks through the guidance of sensors that allow for optimal movement within the specified area, resulting in time saved for the operator. Along with being economical and autonomous, M.I.L. is equipped with inductive charging, allowing for quick and wireless charging without human assistance.


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Brokering and Booking service for ELVs and app to support shared ELV services
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