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Validation and sensitivity analysis for national freight model of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (09013)

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Background & Policy context

The PTV AG in collaboration with ASTRA and the BAV worked out a bimodal traffic model for the national freight transport DETEC (NGVM-DETEC). The model structures with the application to perform the calculations were worked out and for the state in 2005 a first non-calibrated matrix with traffic loads was worked out.


Due to the complexity of the model a variety of input data is required, which is sometimes only possible by gain by plausible assumptions. In order to  improve the model quality and to get a better overview of the model reactions and applications, a national freight transport model shall take into account the aggregated and disaggregated modular point of view and thereby complements the existing NGVM.


Above mentioned objectives will be achieved by following steps:

  • Validation of input and output data and calibration of the model for the status quo in 2005, to  improve the model quality.
  • Verification of the model structures with the sensitivity analyzes in order to understand the reactions of the model at varying individual factors.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Improvement of the national freight transport model.

Innovation aspects

The national freight transport model was actualized.

Policy implications

The national freight transport model is an important basis for decision making process in the field of transport planning.


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EU Contribution


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