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The Value of the Trunk Road Network to Society and the Economy in Scotland

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This research estimates the economic and societal contribution made by Scotland’s Trunk Road Network.


The Trunk Road Network in Scotland:

  • Contributes £1.38 billion in Approximate Gross Value Added (aGVA) per annum or per capita aGVA of £44k per annum
  • Generates employment for 31,000 people (1.2% of all Scotland)
  • Generates £358 million in tax receipts
  • Equates to Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Savings of £171 million in accident costs (compared to the costs if people used local roads)
  • Using the TRN instead of local roads saves travel time costs of £1.64 billion
  • Using the TRN instead of local roads saves CO2emissions valued at £6 million

The TRN also delivers a number of unquantifiable benefits to Scotland’s economy and society including:

  • providing a lifeline transport link in remote areas
  • enabling access to a) education opportunities, b) job opportunities, c) health-care and d) leisure activities
  • providing better connectivity and thus helping to improve regional cohesion and positively impact on deprived or lower income communities, inequalities in education, income, health and employment can be reduced, and social cohesion


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