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Vandalism and transport

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The objective of this research project is to present a clear picture of the crime forms  in transport, to summarize the current views on the social and psychological reasons for vandalism and to give some prerequisites for reducing crime in terms of preventing its occurrence.

Foreign materials have been used, in particular the conclusions of the meeting of the ECMT, in the framework of the project. Disclosure and publication of these conclusions should help decide the responsible authorities in tackling crime in transport in all its forms described in the study.


Following steps were made in this project:

  1. Introduction, terminology
  2. Vandalism of public transport and the phenomenon of graffiti, graffiti experience of the world, our experiences and possible solutions
  3. The Czech legislative analysis
  4. Other forms of vandalism and crimes in transport and possible solutions (in public transport, rail, bus, air transport)
  5. The influence of environment on the incidence of crime
  6. Delinquency in passenger and  freight transport (rail, road)
  7. Experience from abroad
  8. A concept of the Ministry of Interior and a concept of  Ministry of Transport 


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Centrum Dopravního Výzkumu, v.v.i. (CDV) - Transport Research Centre
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Public (national/regional/local)


The study focused on the effects of the environment on the incidence of crime. Furthermore the study is focused on a new view of the vandalism and crime in transport as a phenomenon of public danger.

They were discussed other forms of crime besides vandalism in both passenger and freight transport, rail and road transport.

The study contains proposals for solutions, including proposals for solutions as present the materials CEMT. Very important is the passage concerning the improvement of vehicle safety in road freight transport. Also the environment and lighting  is very important for  the incidence of crimes in transport.

The study emphasizes also the concept of the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Interior dealing with the issue of crime in transport

Innovation aspects

Overview about the forms of crime in transport.

Policy implications

A basis for implementation of measures eliminationg crimes in transport.


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