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Wearables for Workplace Productivity Safety


Wearables for Workplace Productivity Safety

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Within industrial processes, maintenance (including inspection and incident management) is considered to be the cause of more than 1/3rd of the cases that involve aircraft equipment malfunctioning. What’s more, when an engine delay is encountered, it is the maintenance error that accounts for 50% of its causes. Thus, Maintenance personnel and inspection staff are under tremendous pressure while performing tasks and duties because of various factors involving time, efficiency, cost and much more.

Zerintia’s solution has been piloted in Airbus during the last 8 months and it has demonstrated to be an innovative solution based on new wearable technology (concretely smart glasses) bringing benefits that directly respond to the needs and concerns of our target clients: 1) aircraft maintenance companies (MRO) prioritize the reduction of the ground time derived from speeding up the engineering tasks; 2) the manufacturing companies’ (Tier1) needs are focused on reducing the managing costs and discarded parts. Since the Zerintia’s proposed system can be adapted modifying or adding new features, we make sure that every new version of Wearable4Work includes the benefits that properly responds to the customer’s needs, even if they are Tier1 or MRO or third companies –usually SMEs- providing services to them.

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