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Wegii - the BlaBlaCar of parcel delivery

Wegii - the BlaBlaCar of parcel delivery


Wegii is a shipping and sales platform. Sell an item (similar to eBay) and send it with a commuter to deliver. Wegii is similar to BlablaCar but for your parcels. 

According to a forecast, as many as 4.4 billion parcels will be sent in 2023. Meanwhile, the industry needs more drivers. Currently there is a n estimated shortage of between 45,000 and 60,000 drivers - and this trend is rising. Meanwhile, eleven million Germans commute to work every day.  

Wegii has the following advantages compared to other services like a BlaBlaCar or Uber:   

  1. A car can transport many more parcels than passengers
  2. Same Day Delivery
  3. One time and Subscription deliveries for all types of goods
  4. Deliveries to shore
  5. Social contribution. For students and pensioners.
  6. USP for companies. Same Day Delivery as USP.
  7. Offline business goes online
  8. Connect your ERP and CRM via API
  9. Sell and send services for companies and private
  10. Eco-Friendly. We unload highways

Online and offline commerce - express delivery of goods, flowers, gifts, correspondence, medicines, spare parts, parcels, food for and from companies and individuals.

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European Commission
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European (Horizon 2020)
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Oleg Weibert Express Delivery Internet Service

Straßburger Straße 298A
46045 Oberhausen
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