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West Metro Connections

West Metro Connections

West Metro Connections


Improvements to the Länsiväylä motorway between Espoonlahti and Matinkylä will be made in 2014–2016. The goal is to ensure a smooth flow of the West Metro feeder traffic, improve the flow of public transportation and alleviate traffic congestion along one of the capital area’s busiest traffic corridors.

Weekdays bring an average of 30,000–70,000 vehicles to Länsiväylä, and the numbers are expected to continue growing in the future.

The project also includes an enhanced network of pedestrian and bicycle routes, better noise control, and deployment of a new traffic control system with signage.

Continuous public transportation lanes in both directions between Espoonlahti and Matinkylä will improve the flow of public transportation on Länsiväylä.

Funding Source(s): 
Finnish Transport Agency, City of Espoo
Key Results: 

The continuous bus lanes from Espoonlahti to Helsinki are mostly completed. An exception is the Espoonlahti ramp area heading to Helsinki. There is repair work under way after a landslide occurred in the area in August 2014; the public transportation lane in the repair area is not yet in use. The public transportation lane heading to Hanko has been mostly completed in autumn 2015.


The West Metro Connections project is a joint venture of the Finnish Transport Agency and the City of Espoo.


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