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SESAR, the Single European Sky implementation programme jointly funded by the European Commission and Eurocontrol through the TEN-T scheme, is the unique opportunity to make the vision of a Single European Sky in air transport become lity by the year 2020. One of its definition phase milestones will

Maritime transport not only acts as the backbone of international trade, it also offers great potential for intra-community commercial exchanges. The EU now has a policy goal of achieving a clean, safe and efficient transport system, through the development of ‘motorways of the sea’, a concept of

The ITS theme
deals with several combinations of communication, computer and
control technology developed and applied in the domain of transport to improve
system performance, transport safety, efficiency, productivity, and level of
service, environmental impacts, energy consumption, and mobility.

Railways deliver economic, social and, particularly, environmental benefits and are an important mode of transport. This document aims to provide the reader with a synthesis of available results from completed European research projects related to rail transport.

The Passenger transport theme refers to all forms of the public and private transport of people, by air, land or water, whether scheduled or unscheduled, urban, rural, coastal, local, long distance or cross-border and involving one or more modes.

This theme covers transport vehicles in all modes and their associated technologies. The overarching objective of research in this area is to facilitate the development of vehicles and their subsystems while assuring the sustainable growth of transportation. This paper provides a structured guide to

Passenger transport refers to all forms of the public and private transport of people, by air, land or water, whether scheduled or unscheduled. Therefore, the significance of this theme is evidently great – excluding walking, the average European citizen travels 35km per day. This paper provides a

‘Safety’ implies freedom from danger; ‘security’ the undertaking to protect human beings, transport means and infrastructure against any unauthorized actions. There can be no transport efficiency without safety. This paper provides a guide to the results of Research & Technical Development projects