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Research and innovation is highly important for the development and adoption of new aviation concepts and technologies. This report provides an analysis of research and innovation initiatives in Europe in aviation, with a focus on emissions reduction. The assessment follows a structured methodology

This Thematic Research Summary (TRS) provides an overview of EU-funded research and studies in the area of environmental impacts. The TRS embraces both research projects financed under the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7), and studies financed by the European Commission. The

Cette synthèse thématique des recherches (TRS) présente des recherches et études financées par l'UE qui concernent la sensibilisation, l'information et les droits des usagers. Le document présente des projets de recherche financés au titre des Sixième et Septième Programmes-cadres (PC6 et PC7) ainsi

Transport services are judged by the quality with which they are made available to users – the freedom of mobility for any citizen, regardless of physical ability, income and social status are of considerable importance for the efficiency and safety of transport in Europe. This paper provides a