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A new report from the Joint research Centre (JRC) presents the first independent assessment of data on GHG emissions arising from the maritime sectors up to 2019 and a detailed review of the available literature on the LCA of the maritime sector up to mid-2020, the first meta-study of this type

A complete transition to transporting all freight by rail is not feasible for many companies worldwide. This study assesses the potential of road-rail intermodal operations as strategies to reduce polluting air emissions. It was found that intermodal road-rail operations could reduce emissions by 77

Rail transport


This Thematic Research Summary (TRS) covers rail research under the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7) and research projects carried out in the Member States under national programmes. The publication presents research on improving interoperability and safety of national networks

Cette synthèse thématique des recherches (TRS) sur le transport maritime et fluvial présente des recherches et études financées au titre des Sixième et Septième Programmes-cadres (PC6 et PC7) ainsi que du programme RTE-T, y compris des projets comme les "autoroutes de la mer". Le document met en

This Thematic Research Summary (TRS) on Water Transport provides an overview of research projects financed under the EU Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7), the TEN-T programme including Motorways of the Seas, and highlights some projects from other EU financed programmes, such as

This Thematic Research Summary on rail transport aims to provide the reader with a synthesis of results of completed European research projects related to that theme. This is done spearately for three sub-themes identified as important in the rail-related research reported in this summary.

There is a growing imbalance between modes of transport in the European Union – the growing success of road and air transport is resulting in worsening congestion, which could be helped by a greater focus on waterborne transport. This paper provides a structured guide to the results of Research and

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