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The transport research programme has contributed to EU policy on the trans-European transport network by providing support for the planning and financing
of the investment programme and the development of new infrastructure and services. Evaluation methodologies and software tools have been provided

Within Europe, railways are undergoing a process of reform. This Policy Brochure outlines recent European Commission and nationally funded research on the policy relevant themes of rail liberalisation, dealing with scarce capacity and charging for the use of infrastructure. Results and policy

This thematic research summary deals with the economic aspects of sustainable mobility, a theme that investigates the ways in which economic efficiency and beneficial development impacts can be pursued. This paper provides the reader with a synthesis of the results of completed EU-funded projects

This paper covers the management of traffic and transport services for all modes, including changing the way in which existing transport systems are used and the strategic and tactical control of traffic. It is based on results of projects covering mobility & traffic management in urban areas