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Road transport

Road transport research covers vehicles operating on motorways, asphalt and gravel roads, and associated infrastructure including bridges, cuttings, tunnels, parking areas and footways. Ground transport in ports and airports directly associated with air, maritime and inland waterway transport is not included. Non-motorised modes, such as walking and cycling, are included because these forms of transport largely share the same infrastructure.


Autonomous Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium

Autonomous Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium, which takes place in Cologne from 5-6 November, is the world’s only conference and exhibition exclusively dedicated to the design and development of highly automated and unmanned construction, mining, agricultural, industrial and off-highway vehicles.


ITF-Polis Workshop: From Safety Data to Safer City Streets

This workshop on road safety data in cities is organised jointly by Polis and the International Transport Forum.

The workshop also marks the 2nd meeting of the Safer City Streets network.

The workshop starts on 7 Dec at 13:00 and closes on Friday 8 Dec at 16:30.

Registration is possible here.


We are working to complete the agenda. It will include some of the following highlights:


Autonomous Vehicles: What impact on European cities?

UITP is organising a conference on “Autonomous vehicles: what impact on European cities?” in the morning of 25 January 2018 in Brussels. The objective of the event is to tackle the most important questions around the effect autonomous road vehicles will have on cities and on public transport.


TRIP Research Theme Analysis Report - Transport Safety

The  purpose  of  this  Research  Theme  Analysis  Report  is  to provide an overview of research performed (mostly) in the EU, providing a view across many projects that fall under the theme title. It provides a robust and thorough assessment of the reported results from the projects and offers perspectives from scientific and policy points of view. The Report was produced under the Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) continuation project for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE).


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