Policy Background

The information is based on the EUTRAIN Country Reports (Project European Transport Research Area International Cooperation Activities (EUTRAIN, 2012) funded by the European Commission under FP7).

Government policy on transport is expressed in terms of sustainability and promoting environmentally friendly modes such as rail transport.

A major renovation of rail rolling stock is being prepared to improve service levels and to increase the attractiveness of rail for passenger transport. A major policy focus is freight transport and logistics, and primarily the development of ports, and rail and road connections with their hinterlands. A major concern for transport policy makers is road traffic safety and improving public transport in urban areas. This focus is on 'inclusion' and providing reliable transport services while serving the social and labour market sensitivities of the country.

Institutional framework of transport research

Transport research is estimated to amount to approximately 5 to 8% of total research funding. The South African Department of Transport (SA/DoT) is a small contributor to transport research and major government funding comes from the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

The main areas of transport research are:

  • Public transport in urban areas
  • Traffic safety (road primarily)
  • Efficient and integrated transport infrastructure network including rural areas
  • Interoperability and harmonisation of transport infrastructure also in relation to neighbouring countries
  • Transport modelling (general and freight related)
  • Improving port efficiency and capacity
  • Greening transport (all aspects of transport related environmental impacts)
  • Electric vehicles and less energy intensive technologies
  • Moving freight from road to rail
  • Asset management in transport
  • Transport economics (implementing the user pays principle)
  • Transport and economic development
  • Labour-enhanced construction of transport infrastructure
  • Pavement engineering

 Organisations responsible for the institutional framework and funding:

Funding Sources and Support Initiatives

There are currently no known ongoing programmes.