Policy Background

The framework for research in Cyprus is set by national research and transport policy. The key elements of government research policy are set out in the Development Strategy Framework and the Research & Innovation Strategy Framework 2019-2023. Thematic areas considered to be of importance are:

  • Information and communication technologies
  • Bio-related sciences
  • Social sciences.

Cyprus does not prepare National Transport Plans but transport policies are published as part of various Government policy publications such as the Revised Europe 2020 National Reform Programme of the Republic of Cyprus (2019) (which contains the national strategies for various economic sectors including transport). The CEDR Action Plan 2019-2021 (for which Cyprus is a member) also provides a strategic map at the European focus.

Institutional framework of transport research

The National Research and Innovation Council is responsible for drawing up long-term policy on research, technology development and innovation. The Council supports the government in consultations on all policy and strategies related to research.

The Planning Bureau coordinates and administers the preparation of long-term policies on research and innovation. In addition, the Bureau is responsible for implementing the EU Cohesion Policy in Cyprus and is the managing authority for the Operational Programmes co-funded by the EU Cohesion Fund.

Research policy is implemented through the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, which has the task of designing research programmes and approving research projects. The foundation periodically organises funding for specific thematic areas.

The Ministries play a considerable role in formulating thematic research policy, particularly the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. Overall responsibility for formulating national transport policies lies with the Ministry of Communications and Works. Urban transport policies are also partly formulated by the Ministry of Interiors Department of Town Planning and Housing in the formulation and publication of urban plans. These three organisations are also responsible for the funding. 

Transport related research is funded through the National Research and Development Agenda. 

Funding Sources and Support Initiatives

Currently, there is no national research funding framework specifically targeting transport. The Government is the main source of institutional funding, and most transport research is funded by the multi-annual financing programmes announced by the Research Promotion Foundation.

Funding is presently under the Framework Programme RESTART 2016-2020 for the support of Research, Technological Development and Innovation in Cyprus. In addition, some funds for transport research are available in the universities and through dedicated EU programmes.