Policy Background

Romania's National Strategy for Sustainable Development - Horizons 2013–2020–2030 sets the main action priorities for sustainable development. In this framework, there is an Action Plan for implementing the Sustainable Transport Strategy in the period 2007–2013, and 2020–2030.

Institutional framework of transport research

The government's high-level policy coordination body is the National Council for Science and Technology Policy

The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport is the central body responsible for the national system of education, research and development. The Ministry is supported by the National Authority for Scientific Research, which details and implements the national Research, Development & Innovation strategies and programmes. It also coordinates research carried out in the universities, national institutes, Romanian Academy institutes and field academies. The Government set up the National Centre for Programme Management to coordinate research programmes under the National Plans for Research, Development & Innovation.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is responsible for setting national transport policy, specific strategies and regulations for transport, and is the state authority in transport. By preparing sectoral documents, the Ministry of Transport contributes to setting transport research priorities.

There are several options for financing transport research:

  • funds from the state budget
  • funds from private sector
  • funds available from international programmes.

Transport research is financed under Programme 4 Partnerships in the priority domains, Objective 7 Innovative materials, processes and products. NP II is financed from the state budget funds, and from funds from the project consortium partners. Transport projects are also financed through dedicated programmes funded by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport and other government bodies such as the Ministry of Transports and its subordinated institutions.

Organisations responsible for institutional framework and funding:

Funding Sources and Support Initiatives

There are currently no known ongoing programmes.