Policy Background

The framework for transport research is presented in national research policy documents, transport strategy, the R&D concept for the transport sector.

Research and development is a key priority of the Slovak Government. The fundamental documents setting out R&D policies are the Long-term Objective of the State S&T Policy up to 2015 and the 2010 New Model of Financing Science and Technology in the Slovak Republic. These documents contain references to 12 research themes, including energy/climate change, health, ageing and sustainable development.

In July and August 2011, the Slovak Government approved two policy documents on the development of science and technology, and knowledge-based economy: the Fenix and the Minerva 2.0 strategies. These strategies put forward institutional reforms for increasing the quality of higher education and research systems, and connecting them to the development of a knowledge-based economy.

Other documents relevant to research and innovation are:

  • Smart specialization strategy’s measures in the 2014 – 2020 period;
  • Operational Programme Research & Development.

Transport policy up to 2015 defines the context, objectives and priorities for the development of the national transport system. There is also a longer term Strategy of the Development of Transport up until 2020. Both documents provide a framework for national transport research.

Institutional framework of transport research

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports is responsible for drafting, implementing and evaluating science and technology policies. The Slovak Government Board for Science and Technology advises the Government on the preparation and execution of science and technology policies. The Ministry of Finance prepares the state budget which contains lists of State R&D funding initiatives and benchmarking indicators for public R&D programmes.

The Ministry of Transport, Construction, and Regional Development is responsible for developing transport policies, and works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Regional Development and with the Ministry of Environment.

Transport research is funded through the national research funding. The main sources of public support for R&D are the state budget, EU Framework Programmes and Structural Funds.

Organisations responsible for the institutional framework and funding

Funding Sources and Support Initiatives

There are currently no known ongoing programmes.