We appreciate your contribution in capturing all relevant transport-related research and innovation in the EU, and would like to thank you in advance for your availability and time dedicated to completing TRIMIS database. Once you have inserted your content, it will go through a revision process and if appropriate it will be published online. 
Please contact the TRIMIS Helpdesk if you require further assistance: EU-TRIMIS@ec.europa.eu

Login / Register

EU Login is the European Commission's user authentication service. It allows authorised users to access a wide range of Commission web services, using a single email address and password.

If you have a EU Login, even from other European Commission websites or services, after connecting it to Trimis website

If you have not yet registered please create a new EU login account. You can request a new password from either link. 

The User Interface

Once logged in, a black bar will appear on the top of the website. You can start adding your content, and the "content menu" will appear in three different places:
  1. At the left of the black bar, from the dropdown menu "Add content". 
  2. The menu "Contribute" has all the main "add content" links.
  3. The menu "Participate" at the bottom of every page.

At this moment there are 5 types of content that you can add: Announcements, Events,  Projects, Programmes or Organisations.

Adding  or Updating Projects:

For projects, you can either upload details yourself or provide us with a data spreadsheet to upload (see link below). For updating, please refer to the guidance document:

Click here for projects guidance (pdf)

Click here for the project upload spreadsheet (xlsm)


Adding or Updating Programmes:

Click here for programmes guidance (pdf)