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EU Road Safety: Towards "Vision Zero"

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Road transport is the most widely used means of travel in the EU. It is also essential to the economy in terms of its contribution to GDP, yet road transport is the leading cause of accidents, serious injuries from collisions and premature deaths in Europe.

That is why transport safety and security is one of the ten key areas for action of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy adopted by the European Commission in 2020. The EU’s long-term goal is to move as close as possible to zero fatalities in road transport by 2050 ("Vision Zero").

This brochure presents a comprehensive overview of projects managed by CINEA and funded under Horizon 2020 – the EU's R&I programme (2014-2020) – that develop, test and exploit innovative solutions for a safer road transport. CINEA plays an important role in achieving the Commission's road safety goals and objectives through its implementation of a number of relevant EU funding programmes.