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Research and innovation in car sharing in Europe

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This report provides a comprehensive analysis of R&I related to car sharing in Europe. The assessment follows the methodology developed by the European Commission’s Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS). The report critically assesses research by thematic areas, highlighting recent technological and other developments and future needs. The projects were grouped according to six key thematic areas: Better understanding of impacts (economy, environmental); User behaviour and acceptance of car sharing schemes; Information Technology development: apps, websites, connected cars; Vehicle technology: electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, ergonomics, automated vehicles; Development and implementation; and Others: stakeholder engagement, regulations, and policies. Three main findings arise. First, most of the projects target urban environment, which makes sense from the industry point of view and potential users. Second, there has been an increase in funding support for car sharing schemes in the recent years, especially through R&I projects focusing on the development of Information Technology (IT) solutions: apps, websites, connected cars, etc. Finally, countries with significant public investments in R&I and a substantial transport industry, as well as consultancy and IT related companies, appear well placed to adopt car sharing schemes.