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Research and Innovation on Drones in Europe - Science for Policy report

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Connected and automated transport (CAT)
Transport electrification (ELT)
Low-emission alternative energy for transport (ALT)
Smart mobility and services (SMO)
Infrastructure (INF)
Network and traffic management systems (NTM)
Vehicle design and manufacturing (VDM)
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Passenger transport,
Freight transport
Cover page for the "Research and Innovation on Drones in Europe" Science for Policy report

The European Commission’s Drone Strategy 2.0 aims to create the right environment for a vibrant and competitive European drone economy. This report provides a review of recent trends, challenges, and achievements of European research and innovation projects. It identifies relevant projects that focus on public transport using the Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS) database. It assesses the contributions of identified projects to the progress in drone technologies, their research on environmental and socio-economic impacts, and their alignment with European policy aims. The report's conclusions highlight future research directions.