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Research and Innovation in Transport Safety in Europe - Science for Policy Brief

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Cover page for the "Research and Innovation in Transport Safety in Europe" Science for Policy brief

Safety is essential for mobility, and Europe can be proud of being the safest transport region in the world. However, avoidable accidents still occur, especially in road transport, resulting in devastating consequences for victims, families, and communities, as well as financial costs for society.
Improving road safety and maintaining excellent safety records in aviation, rail, and waterborne transport is therefore a priority in the European Union's transport policy, as outlined in the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.
Research and innovation (R&I) play a crucial role in improving safety records across all transport modes, developing technologies and safety management procedures, and complementing safety policy and legislation. The digital transition creates new opportunities for safer transport.
This policy brief presents an overview of R&I in transport safety in Europe and recommendations for future orientations.